Go Glam Without Acne

Danielle Motley

I am not a beauty expert. I am not even a beauty manager. Or assistant manager. I think novice might be the word I’m looking for. Whatever, I’m not the person you should ask about makeup tips.

So, this post isn’t about how to apply makeup. It is about wearing makeup without clogging your pores.

Okay, so you’ve cleared your skin. You’ve gone NATURAL and your acne and eczema are no more! Congratulations! You’re headed out to dinner with your boo and you want to glam it up a bit but you don’t want to wake up tomorrow to a new pimple. What to do?

Go Naked

I mean on your face but no judgement if you like to run around in the buff.

As I said, I am no expert so this option may seem like sacrilege to the lovelies who contour every morning. But, for those of us who consider glam to be some eyeshadow and lip gloss, I’m talking to you!

My daily “better me” routine consists of a bit of concealer under my eyes (because I guess I refuse to sleep enough to remove my dark circles naturally), liner, mascara, and eye shadow when I’m feeling frisky. That’s it. No foundation or powder. After spending so much of my life hiding my skin, now I want to show it off!

Try Mineral Makeup

If you must put powder and/or foundation on your face, mineral makeup is the way to go.

Mineral makeup has fewer potential irritants and most contain the added benefit of zinc oxide, talc, and titanium dioxide which can soothe and improve your skin’s health. Also, there are no added oils, fragrances, or preservatives so just like with our favorite skincare line, your skin gets better with each use!

There are several brands to choose from so feel free to research and find which is best for you.

The best part about clearing up our skin is the fact that we no longer feel like we have to hide how our skin looks. As a former acne sufferer, I know all too well how it feels to have to apply makeup every day to hide the scars and bumps while simultaneously clogging my pores even more. Hurray for ALL NATURAL skincare products and mineral make up!

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